Cloud PUBG Radar

Tired of using other PUBG Hacks that play the game for you? Want to use a processional grade PUBG Cheat that still allows you enjoy the game with your friends? Then use our PUBG Cloud Radar!

Our PUBG packet radar for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is displayed via your internet browser on either your computer or mobile device!

Simply connect to our server via VPN and the server will read the PUBG’s packet data and display the data visually on your internet browser!

Easily dominate your opponents & share our PUBG Cloud Radar to your entire squad! Simply send them your radar URL!

PC Browser:

This is an example of the radar on PC Browser.

Mobile Browser:

This showcases the radar on Mobile.


  • Shows all players.
  • Shows weapons/armor/items.
  • Shows drop location of care packages.
  • Shows all vehicles.
  • Toggle showing loot.
  • Mouse wheel to zoom in/out or use arrows.
  • Height-difference shown.
  • [Aiming lines to easily locate players.
  • Shows circles.
  • Shows enemy aiming lines when aiming at you.
  • Automatic Team Colors.
  • Show Spectators
  • Show enemies/teams remaining
  • Show enemies death loot

Setup Tutorial:

  1. Simply create a windows 10 outgoing VPN to our server.
  2. Then connect to our server via the VPN.
  3. Open our PUBG Cloud Radar on your mobile device or computer’s internet browser.

Important information:

When connected to our server, you can only play pubg and view the radar on that computer.

All other bandwidth/data is blocked to ensure our servers do not have too much data usage, otherwise we could not offer this product at the current price set.