Escape from Tarkov 2PC External ESP


This is the only 2PC Memory-Based EFT External ESP you can buy.

Only SlateHub can offer you a truly undetected Memory-Based External ESP for Escape from Tarkov. Our Memory-Based External ESP runs on a 2nd computer on the local network while a memory tool runs on the game computer. 

Video Showcase

Menu Showcase

Feature List

  • Shows PMCS [Red Icons]
  • Shows Scavs [Yellow Icons]
  • Shows Raiders, Boss, & Followers [Magenta Icons]
  • Icon Scale Slider
  • 2d Radar Zoom Slider
  • Distance Slider
  • Crosshair Added (06/29/2020)
  • Crosshair Size Slider Added (06/29/2020)
  • No Recoil Added (8/26/2020)
  • Loot ESP Added (9/3/2020)
  • Loot Categories (9/3/2020)
  • Loot Price Slider (9/3/2020)


Two Computers with Windows 10 64 bit  (1803 – 1909 Supported)

Mac with bootcamp will also work for a 2nd computer!

Ban Risk

There is a ban risk associated with a 2PC Memory External ESP. However our 2PC External ESP is made with safety in mind. Our memory tool simply reads memory and forwards it to the radar computer for functionality. Compared to an internal aimbot this is much safer overall but still carries a ban risk.

Safety in Mind

Memory Tool on Game Computer

  • Memory tool reads memory and forwards to External ESP computer

External ESP Runs on a 2nd computer

  • External ESP displays on a 2nd computer for reduced ban risk.


Memory tool runs on Game Computer
Memory External ESP is displayed on 2nd Computer

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