EFT External ESP Cheat & Hack Introduction

This is the only Undetected EFT Radar Cheat & Hack you can buy for Escape from Tarkov! Our Radar Driver is 13 Months Undetected. We provide long term Radar solutions for our userbase.

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Requires 2 Computers on the same network. No additional hardware. Kernel Driver runs on Game PC.

EFT External ESP Cheat & Hack Video Showcase

EFT External ESP Cheat & Hack Information

Escape from Tarkov EFT 3D ESP

Need to see exactly where an enemy is in front of you? We have the feature you need! Simply look at the 3D ESP for EFT and you will instantly see all enemies in front of your viewpoint. If you are engaging someone ahead of you and need to quickly check their exact location or shoot someone laying down in grass, then this is the feature you need!

Escape from Tarkov EFT Radar Item ESP

Tired of not finding the items in Escape from Tarkov that you want? We’ve got the solution! Find exactly what you are looking for to help you dominate your opponents and get rich in EFT! Our Item ESP shows the best items to loot on Escape from Tarkov and allows you to show only items within a certain price limit!

EFT External ESP Cheat & Hack Feature List

EFT External ESP Cheat & Hack Feature List

  • Shows PMCS [Red Icons]
  • Shows Scavs [Yellow Icons]
  • Shows Raiders, Boss, & Followers [Magenta Icons]
  • Icon Scale Slider
  • 2d Radar Zoom Slider
  • Distance Slider
  • Crosshair Added (06/29/2020)
  • Crosshair Size Slider Added (06/29/2020)
  • No Recoil Added (8/26/2020)
  • Loot ESP Added (9/3/2020)
  • Loot Categories (9/3/2020)
  • Loot Price Slider (9/3/2020)
  • [Optional] Underlay EFT Game underneath 2PC External ESP on 2nd PC (9/19/2020)
  • Updated for 12.8 (10/19/2020)


  • Two Computers with Windows 10 64-bit
  • Game PC: Windows 10 64-bit (1803-2004 Supported)
  • Mac with bootcamp will also work for a 2nd computer!

Ban Risk

There is a minimal risk of detection, however that risk still remains. Our Radar Driver is 13 Months+ Undetected on BE and 4+ months respectively on EAC., however there was a ban associated with our loader on 07/02/2021 (This same issue affected EAC earlier than BE.) Our custom Kernel driver simply reads memory and forwards it to a secondary computer on the same network. This mitigates a wide variety of detection vectors that Aimbot and ESPs carry.