PC Application Radar Tutorials

PC Guide – VPN Method (Click here)

Need a second computer or Virtual Box. Windows 10 OS.

Virtual Box Setup (Click here) 

Only use the virtual box setup if you do NOT have a second computer. You need at least 16 gb of ram and decent CPU for Virtual Box setup.

Port Mirror Switch Guide (Click here)

Best Setup overall. Doesn’t work with Virtual Box.

PS4/Xbox Radar Tutorials

Console Setup – Mobile Hotspot Method (Easy setup)

Mobile Hotspot requires a computer with Mobile Hotspot Feature

Console Setup – ICS Method Automatic (Click here)

Console Setup – ICS Method Manual (Click here)

ICS Method needs a laptop/pc with WiFi & Ethernet. OR Two Ethernet ports. 

You can also use a USB to Ethernet adapter as needed for ICS Method.

Memory Radar & Aimbot Tutorial

Memory Radar & Aimbot Tutorial (Click Here)


To make aimbot work, you must change the region administrative language settings for non-unicode to Chinese Simplified, then restart the computer. This will not change your primary language.